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State Sues Texas Brine For Massive Sinkhole

State Sues Texas Brine For Massive Sinkhole

The state is suing Texas Brine for the environmental damage and massive sinkhole that officials say was caused by the collapse of a salt dome cavern operated by the company.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced the planned lawsuit Friday. They say the lawsuit also names Occidental Chemical, which owns the property.

"By filing suit, we are staying committed to holding Texas Brine accountable for the damage they’ve caused to Bayou Corne and to Louisiana," Jindal said.

"We have already pushed for buyouts for affected residents and are undertaking a thorough review of all of Texas Brine’s permits in our state. This suit is just the next step in making sure Texas Brine does the right thing and properly addresses the mess it’s caused.”

The lawsuit comes as Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of when the sinkhole was discovered in Assumption Parish.

An area around Bayou Corne dissolved into liquefied muck, and the sinkhole has since grown to 24 acres. About 350 residents in the tiny community 40 miles from Baton Rouge have no end in sight to their evacuation order because the sinkhole continues to widen.

The state has spent at least $12 million responding to the disaster.

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