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St. Bernard Political Novice Plagued By Pranksters

St. Bernard Political Novice Plagued By Pranksters

A candidate for St. Bernard Parish district attorney says someone vandalized one of his outdoor campaign billboards.

Assistant District Attorney Glenn Diaz, one of 3 candidates in the DA's race, tells 99.5 WRNO his picture was on the billboard and someone climbed up and painted horns around his head.

The billboard is located on West Judge Perez Drive in front of the Wal-Mart. Diaz believes it happened early Friday morning before dawn. He expects the billboard to be fixed today.

"It's tragic that these things happen. It's childish and it shows bad taste and judgment and how could this happen on such a busy street," Diaz said.

Diaz also says his yard signs are either being ripped apart or stolen. He says he's reported the incidents to the sheriff's office and they're investigating.

Diaz says this is his first political race. He's been an assistant DA for 35 years.



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