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New Orleans Is Homeport To Carnival's Largest Cruise Ship

New Orleans Is Homeport To Carnival's Largest Cruise Ship

Pleased with the success of their cruises from New Orleans, which are very popular and rated highly by their guests, Carnival Cruise Lines has decided to offer cruises from the Big Easy on its largest ship.

The 3,646-passenger Carnival Dream today joins Carnival Elation, which is already homeported in New Orleans, to offer year-round Caribbean cruises. It will depart on an inaugural 6-day cruise from the Erato Street Cruise Terminal at approximately 4pm.

The two ships together are expected to carry more than 400,000 passengers annually from the Port of New Orleans, the most of any cruise operator.

Terry Thornton, Senior Vice-President for Fleet Deployment, says the Dream features what amounts to a water park on its outdoor deck.

"And it has everything from an area for the children to enjoy a water experience all the way up to a very expensive racing slide and all of the other water features that you could see in a very premier water park."

"We also have a very high-end, full-featured spa on the ship. It's called the Cloud 9 Spa. It has all the features and treatments and amenities you can imagine, and it's been very popular with our guests."

"It has a fully functioning steakhouse, which is an optional dining venue where you can actually enjoy, I would say, arguably as good a steakhouse experience as you have anywhere on shore, but you can have it on a ship."

"We have staterooms that are accommodated, 5 berths in a single cabin. So actually a family of five can be in the same cabin and have a very spacious cabin to enjoy their cruise," Thornton said.

Carnival Dream's New Orleans debut was commemorated with a traditional maritime plaque exchange between Carnival and Port officials on board the vessel.



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