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Landrieu Wants $10.10 Minimum Wage For City Employees

Landrieu Wants $10.10 Minimum Wage For City Employees

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to raise the minimum wage for hundred of city employees to $10.10 an hour as part of his Great Place To Work initiative announced Thursday.

"The issue before the city is whether we're going to pay city employees a living wage. We have some people working here that are making lower than the poverty level," Landrieu said.

He pegged the cost of raising the minimum wage for 200 employees at $325,000.

Landrieu also says he wants to modernize how employees can advance through civil service. "This is about better training, better supervising, better opportunities and pathway to prosperity and growth so we can make the city of New Orleans a great place to work."

Acting City Health Director Charlotte Morgan Parent says upgrading how evaluations are handled would give city employees "real targets to shoot for and meaningful feedback."

New Orleans Fire Department Supt. Tim McConnell says the civil service reform would help build a new training system that gives employees "useful skills and knowledge that makes operations better."

Landrieu says the public will have a chance to weigh in on his proposal.

"There's two or three weeks for people to see it, peruse it, understand that the civil service commission will see it, pass on it hopefully. It will then have time to go before the city council, so this will get a thorough public vetting, as it should."


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