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Judge Denies Common Core Injunction

Judge Denies Common Core Injunction

A state judge has denied a lawsuit filed by Louisiana lawmakers against state education officials over Common Core, meaning the controversial education standards continue for now.

WAFB-TV reports Judge Tim Kelley heard the case Friday. Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White was called to the stand to testify. The judge then called for a recess and announced his decision when all parties returned to the courtroom.

White released a statement afterwards. "Today's ruling allows teachers and students to continue raising expectations in Louisiana. Our students are just as smart and capable as any in America. We've been working for four years to teach them to the highest standards in our country. Today's ruling continues that progress." 

The lawmakers sought a temporary injunction to block the rollout of the Common Core standards which are grade-by-grade benchmarks of what students should learn in English and math. They contend education leaders failed to follow laws when moving the state to Common Core.

The new standards are supposed to take effect this school year, with assessments scheduled next spring.

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