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AAA Urges Safety This Halloween

AAA Urges Safety This Halloween

Officials are urging trick-or-treaters and motorists to be especially careful on this Halloween night.

"Statistics show us that when Halloween falls like it does this year on a Friday, you can anticipate a more toxic or more dangerous situation than normally when Halloween falls on a regular weekday," says AAA spokesman Don Redman.

With Halloween on a Friday, most festivities are expected to take place this evening, putting a large number of adult party-goers on the road the same night as trick-or-treaters.

"We're anticipating about a 37% increase in traffic fatalities because Halloween falls on a Friday," Redman said.

To increase safety, Redman advises parents to accompany young trick-or-treaters and make sure they're visible to motorists.

"Make sure that they are well seen, maybe have some reflective tape on them and give them some flashlights with fresh batteries," Redman said.



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