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2014 Offshore Energy Tour Wraps Up

2014 Offshore Energy Tour Wraps Up

Congressman Steve Scalise has conducted another annual tour of energy production sites with some colleagues in the U.S. House.

Scalise schedules the 2-day event each year to better acquaint members of Congress with Louisiana's role in the production of oil and natural gas.

The tour included a visit to a deepwater production platform in the Gulf of Mexico's Outer Continental Shelf and a trip to Port Fourchon, which Scalise described as "the area that services over 90% of the deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico."

This year Scalise was joined by Representatives Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Susan Brooks of Indiana, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Steve Womack of Arkansas.

"What I've seen members (of Congress) take away from this trip is a deeper understanding of just how energy is produced in America and specifically in south Louisiana, and just how the policies that come out of Washington impact that," Scalise said.



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